for the rowdy and pensive

Guitarist and songwriter Marco Ranieri made his mark playing regularly in the New York area. Originally born in Queens, New York, Marco was also raised in Rome, Italy. From the age of 15, he has played guitar, written songs and been in several almost-famous bands including the Shoobies (NYC), Mae Pang (Philadelphia), Peachum (San Francisco) and Juicebox (South Orange, NJ).  Known for energetic live shows, he’s most comfortable on the stage with a guitar in hand.

Marco’s debut solo EP Heartbroken Radio features his all-star band including bassist Ginger Moon originally of The Friggs and Philadelphia songwriter and keyboardist Rocco Notte, a founding member of The A’s on keys.  Thomas Stratton of Socratic plays drums and is also a major contributor as producer and arranger.

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